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The pragmatic method starts from the postulate that there is no difference of truth that doesn't make a difference of fact somewhere; and it seeks to determine the meaning of all differences of opinion by making the discussion hinge as soon as possible upon some practical or particular issue. The principle of pure experience is also a methodological postulate. Nothing shall be admitted as fact, it says, except what can be experienced at some definite time by some experient; and for every feature of fact ever so experienced, a definite place must be found, somewhere in the final system of reality. In other words: Everything real must be experienceable somewhere, and every kind of thing experienced must somewhere be real.

     Perhaps the student's construct is as valid as the teacher's. EvG

     La construction de l'élève est aussi valide [valable] que la construction de l'enseignant. GP

Glaserfeld, von Ernst. [ ], page consultée le 2000-08-06

     ... teachers can only SHOW how knowledge could be constructed, they can never transfer what they happen to know. EvG

     ...les enseignants peuvent seulement démontrer comment la connaissance peut être construite, ils ne peuvent jamais transférer ce qu'ils connaissent. GP

Glaserfeld, von Ernst.  [ ], page consultée le 2000-08-06

     They  [the students] must, indeed, construct their knowledge themselves, and if it cannot be measured by a comparison with some objective "truth", it will be good knowledge only if it works in the experiential world as well as the teacher's or better. EvG

     Les étudiants doivent construire eux-mêmes leurs connaissances, et si elles ne peuvent être mesurées en la comparant à une "vérité" objective,  elles deviendront de bonnes connaissances seulement si elles s'intègrent dans leur expérience personnelle autant que celle de l'enseignant ou mieux. GP

Glaserfeld, von Ernst.  [ ], page consultée le 2000-08-06