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L e curriculum de World Book

How the Typical Course of Study was prepared

For many years, World Book has published an overview of courses of study commonly used or recommended for kindergarten through grade 12. Three major pieces of curriculum research -- the Nault-Caswell-Brain Analysis of Courses of Study, as well as two predecessors, the Nault-Fischer-Passow Analysis of Courses of Study, and the Caswell-Nault Analysis of Courses of Study -- have been used as the basis of the summary of school curriculum.

To reflect current practice, contemporary courses of study, curriculum guides, syllabuses, and other instructional publications were obtained from a number of sources. This material was analyzed by curriculum experts under the direction of William H. Schubert, Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Curriculum Studies, College of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago; and of A. Harry Passow, Jacob H. Schiff Professor Emeritus of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University. The analysis was then reviewed by curriculum experts and teachers in a representative sampling of school systems. It was incorporated into the latest version of the Typical Course of Study.

In addition, the early childhood education staff at the University of Georgia, with a grant from World Book, Inc., surveyed kindergarten administrators and teachers across North America to determine what skills, competencies, and understandings a child needs in order to perform successfully in the first formal school situation. Well over 3,000 educators responded to the Readiness Skills Study. The results identified 105 desirable readiness skills that will help a child get off to a good start in school.

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