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Terminologie du constructivisme


Constructivism is intended as a theory of knowing and learning (to know). It presupposes consciousness and basic mental operations such as "reflecting" and "abstracting". I would call these mental operations "thinking" (and you might add "remembering" and "dreaming"). I have frequently maintained that putting things into words requires reflection and therefore "learning to reflect" - but I have no idea HOW reflection is performed or learned. [revoir Maturana pour les molécules ] With Piaget, I also hold that abstraction is required for the construction of experiential object concepts (e.g. ‘tree’, ‘house’, ‘star’, etc.) and reflective abstraction for the construction of concepts such as ‘number’, ‘speed’, ‘acceleration’, etc.), and that experiential situations offer occasions for making these abstractions - but HOW they are made I don’t know. Consequently I would say, you can lead the students into situations where they MAY make abstractions, but you cannot force them to do this (Kant already said this quite clearly.).

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