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Cybernetics and Human Knowing

Cybernetics and Human Knowing is a quarterly international multi- and interdisciplinary journal on second order cybernetics and cybersemiotics.

The journal is devoted to the new understandings of self-organizing processes of information in human knowing that have arisen through the cybernetics of cybernetics, or second order cybernetics and its relation and relevance to other interdisciplinary approaches such as semiotics (cybersemiotics). This new development within cybernetics is a nondisciplinary approach. Through the concept of self-reference it tries to explore: the meaning of cognition and communication; our understanding of organization and information in human, artificial and natural systems; and our understanding of understanding within the natural and social sciences, humanities, information and library science, and in social practices as design, education, organisation, teaching, therapy, art, management and politics. [page consultée le 2000-09-17]

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